Bruno Saint is a brand enabling artistic expression, a brand created for women, by a woman.

Bruno Saint coat is made of natural and always unique leather, the beauty of which greatly contributed and lead to making the first coat. The quality and texture of the material became an inspiration but also a challenge in our pursuit of a perfect cut. Thanks to our determination and genuine passion the project was sussessful – we have created a uniqe, one of a kind, high end niche product, a product inspired by and intended for extraordinary women.

Black coat Bruno Saint, our signature product, is of simple clean design with a modern minimalistic cut. In essence it is an upmarket version of a black wool coat. Its simple design accentuates the high quality of the leather used and can make the outfit look both elegantly sophisticated and rebelious at the same time. For a coherent look we recommend matching it with high quality merino or alpaca wool polo neck sweaters and fur hats.

I hope this beautiful, thoughtfully designed coat created with care and emotion makes you fall in love with it, just as I did.
I hope it completes you. .

I’d like to write a few words about Warecki, taking my hat off to this amazing artist but also a very cool man.

I asked a friend, what can I write about Warecki?

... that you are captivated by his vision of women, full of tenderness and veiled adoration...
... that he and the woman of his life were seduced by your coats...
... that whilst you were walking through Krakow one of his women drew you to a gallery run by this amazing, effervescent woman.

It is all true. Warecki gifted one of his women to me, so that I could fullfill my vision and follow my passion, just the way I dreamed it.

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